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My name is Natalie, and I am an Iranian-American designer, artist, and creator. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia but I call Richmond home. I graduated from VCUArts with a BFA in graphic design in the spring of 2022, and I am currently working as a designer for I.M.P. / The 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. I am always looking for work in the entertainment, editorial, or product design industry so that I can create collaborative work that touches people's lives on a personal level. I spend my free time designing posters, learning Italian, traveling, and going to concerts. I love all things maximal, colorful, and expressive but still reach for any chance to work with the basics. I love controlled chaos, rambling conversations, big t-shirts, tattoos, fine jewelry, Thai food, long walks. I cannot go a day without listening to music, I take my Spotify very seriously.  This is my official archive of design, I hope you enjoy.

-> nataliegiman@gmail.com

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